Safety Tip #1, Avoid Microsoft Web Browsers

Internet Safety Tip #1

Avoid the use of Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer web browsers. At Design Computer we recommend Google Chrome.Avoid Microsoft Web Browsers

Better compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium’s standards and much more secure browsing.

Some poorly designed, and usually insecure, websites and plug-ins require Microsoft’s antiquated Internet Explorer.

Difficulty: Easy

Details (AKA The Long Version):

Switching Internet browsers may be the easiest thing you can do to improve your online security. A computer hacking contest called Pwn2Own is held annually at the CanSecWest security conference. For 2017 Microsoft’s Edge came off as the least secure browser and Google Chrome as the best. The 2016 results were the same. How about 2015? If you guessed that a Microsoft browser was the worst and Chrome the best, you’re right.

While the Edge is much more secure than Internet Explorer, Chrome is the clear choice for those who are concerned about security.

So why wouldn’t everyone use Chrome exclusively? There are many old plug-ins and some websites that require Microsoft’s looser security model in order to work. One example of this is some cheap security cameras made in China that require Microsoft’s ActiveX controls. If you absolutely must use a Microsoft browser for one of these applications, then it is best to use it ONLY for that app and use Chrome for everything else.

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A Comparison Of Web Browser:

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