Problem Prevention #2, Hard Drive Failure Doesn’t Need To Be A Catastrophe

If your data has value then backing up isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. The plan you choose should take into account how traumatic the loss of access to your computer would be. There are a lot of options to choose from. A business that depends on technology might need full redundancy. While an individual who just uses their personal computer to browse the web might be able to get by using only their smartphone for days.

Recently automated cloud backups have become popular. Storing important data in the cloud has its place, but it isn’t a substitute for a local full disk image backup. Think about how long it would take just to reinstall your operating system with all of its security updates. Do you even have an operating system install disk? It is likely you are using dozens of applications that were installed over time. Imagine having to locate download and reinstall them all. And what about the drivers you need for your printer or scanner. Reinstalling can take hours or even days. Restoring disk images can take minutes. Even if you backup infrequently a disk image you made months ago can save the day.

Essential Backup Tools
First, you need somewhere to store your backup with enough space to store more than just one disk image. Buying a Hard Drive that was originally designed to be mounted inside a computer can be both economical and flexible. Ideally, you want one with at least twice the capacity of the computer you intend to backup.

Second, you need a docking station so that you can connect your new hard drive to your computer.

And third, you need reliable backup software that makes it easy to restore a full disk image quickly in the event of a catastrophic failure.

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