Hardware Design

  • Sequential Time Trigger Controller
    Sequential Time Trigger Controller

Custom Hardware Designs

These days few computer repair services have any experience repairing actual circuit boards. They can only swap major components.  Design Computer can not only offer circuit board level repair, we even have actual in-house hardware design capabilities.

In the early 90s Design Computer designed and manufactured MIDI control solutions for Blue Ribbon Soundworks. Blue Ribbon was acquired by Microsoft in 1995, and Microsoft subsequently merged Blue Ribbon’s technology with DirectSound.

In the late 90s Design Computer designed and manufactured LANC and RS-422 control solutions for Scala Inc.

It may have become impractical to manufacture mass production circuit boards in the United States, but Design Computer continues to create custom hardware solutions to meet our client’s demands.  Developments in programmable logic and single-board microcontrollers have made hardware development much more like software development.  Recently we prototyped an exotic sequential timer and quickly manufactured several to meet an emergency need.  In that case, we used a single-board microcontroller called the Arduino.